Resolution for Victory Decoration

Resolution for Victory Decoration was awarded in only one class to individuals seperated from their families while participating in the resistance and liberation of the south. It was widely awarded to personnel participating in the Spring 1975 General Offensive.

This award was established on August 9, 1965.

This is another decoration with the same medallion but a different ribbon style and color. According to Edward Emering in his book Orders, Decorations and Badges of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam, "This particular Decoration also seems to related to at least three additional known NLF Decorations, none of which are listed as official by the Institute of Orders. For this reason, it is believed that several examples of this particular Decoration exist with mismatched suspension ribbon bars from the other three similar awards as a result of 'slap dash' efforts by the sellers to assemble diverse pieces. Because several of the like Decorations may have been awarded in multiple classes some confusion also exisits regarding the award of this particular Decoration."