North Vietnamese Medals


Medals & Decorations

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Brass Fortress Order, 3rd Class Military Exploit Order Combatant Order, 1st Class Combatant Order, 2nd Class Combatant Order, 3rd Class Liberation War Exploit Order, 1st Class Order of the Soldier of Glory, 2nd Class Order of the Soldier of Glory, 3rd Class Resistance Order, 2nd Class Soldier of Liberation Order, 1st Class Soldier of Liberation Order, 2nd Class
Soldier of Liberation Order, 3rd Class Banner of Resolution for Victory Decoration Resistance Decoration, 2nd Class Resolution for Victory Soldier of Liberation Decoration NLF Liberation Decoration Oppose America Save Country Decoration

Campaign Pins

Campaign Pin Campaign Pin Ho chi Min Campaign Pin 1st Tet Offensive Campaign Pin 1975 Spring Offensive Campaign Pin 1972 Nguyen Hue Campaign Pin Dien Bien Phu Campaign Pin

Other Awards

Valiant Soldier Assault Decoration International Duty Decoration PAVN Warrior to be Emulated Decoration - 1972

Misc. Pins & Badges

Original Communist Youth Group Pin Communist Youth Group Pin PAVN Cap Badge Viet Cong Cap Badge Ap Bac Commemorative Badge Ho Chi Mihn City Cultural Badge Career Education Badge PAVN Heroes Who Protect Country Badge PAVN Heroes Who Served in Cambodia Badge 320th Division Victory Badge

Unidentified Badges

Unidentified Badge Unidentified Badge Unidentified Badge