Woman's Relief Corps Medal

This is a membership medal of the Woman's Relief Corps. The National Woman's Relief Corps, Auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic, is a patriotic organization whose express purpose is to perpetuate the memory of the Grand Army of the Republic, as they are their auxiliary organized at their request on July 25 and 26, 1883 in Denver, Colorado and incorporated by act of the 87th Congress, September 7, 1962. The members cooperate in doing honor to all those who have patriotically served the country in any war. They teach patriotism and duties of citizenship, the true history of the country and the love and honor of the flag. They oppose every tendency or movement that would weaken loyalty to, or make for the destruction or impairment of, the constitutional Union. They sustain the American principles of representative government, equal rights and impartial justice for all.

The National Woman's Relief Corps Auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic has the distinction of being the only Patriotic Organization in existence founded solely on the basis of loyal womanhood, regardless of kinship, and through which any woman may render patriotic service to her country.

The badge is a Maltese Cross of copper bronze, with the Grand Army Badge Medallion center; in this center are five outstanding figures, Statue of Liberty, a Soldier, a Boy, a Woman, a Child, and the American Flag, and all are encircled in a wreath of stars.

The Soldier symbolizes Fraternity because the Comrades created their organization as their Auxiliary in 1883.

The Boy is emblematic of the youth and strength of the future life of the Nation.

The Woman is emblematic of motherhood, the very source of all civilization throughout the world. She has taught mercy, kindness, and has extended Charity from the beginning of time.

The Child is emblematic of the hope of the world, with our patriotic teachings of Loyalty to the nation's laws and principles, with Freedom and Justice for future generations yet unborn.

Their motto is, Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty.