Russian Medals


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MVD Service in the Caucasus Bulkan Campaign Badge Navy Service in the Caucasus Service in the Caucasus Northern Caucasus Campaign Spetznaz Veteran MVD Faithful Duties in the Caucasus 850th Anniversary of Moscow 200th Anniversary of the MVD Fire Service Medal Medal for Merit in the 2002 Census of the Population 200th Anniversary of the Ministry of Defense
Excellent Service in the Military, 10 yrs 160th Anniversary of the Samara Fire Department 375th Anniversary of the Russian Firefighters 200th Anniversary of the Moscow Fire Department 90th Anniversary of the Soviet Fire Department 85th Anniversary of the Yessentuki Fire Department 100th Anniversary of the State Firefighter University in St. Petersburg Ministry of Emergency Situations' Participation in the 2010 Mountain Fire 100 yr Anniversary of the MVD
EMERCOM Firefighter Merit Medal Order of Faith and Faithfulness, 2nd Class  Ministry of Emergencies Medal for the Prevention of Fires Police Merit Medal RUSAL Merit Medal Republic of Yakutia Medal for Contributing to the Strengthening of Law Enforcement

Misc. Badges

Participant's Badge of the All-Russia Firefighting Skills Competition, Group B, City of Chita, 1995