Romanian Medals


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Commander of the Crown of Romania
Order of Tudor Vladimirescu, 1st Class Order of Tudor Vladimirescu, 2nd Class Order of Tudor Vladimirescu, 3rd Class Order of Tudor Vladimirescu, 4th Class Order of Tudor Vladimirescu, 5th Class Order of Romania, 4th Class Order of Romania, 5th Class Order of labor, 1st Class Order of labor, 2nd Class Order of labor, 3rd Class
Order of Victory Cultural Merit Order, 5th Class Labor Medal Anti-Communist Campaign Medal Liberation Medal 20th Anniversary of Liberation 25th Anniversary of Liberation WW 2 Commemorative Cross 50th Anniversary of Communist Party Military Merit Order, 1st Class
Military Merit Order, 2nd Class Military Merit medal, 1st Class - 1966 issue Military Merit medal, 2nd Class - 1966 issue Military Merit medal, 2nd Class - 1954 issue Loyal Service, 1st Class 2nd Balkan War Victory medal 25 yrs of Romanian Communist Republic 30 yr Anniversary of Romania's Liberation in WW II Romanian Agriculture Medal 25 yr Anniversary of Romanian Agriculture Cooperatives
1989 Romanian Revolution Victory Medal Romanian Police & Political Police Medal 30 yr Anniversary of Liberation from Facist Domination 20 yr Anniversary of Romanian People's Army Hero of the New Agricultural Revolution Carol I Centennial Medal Labor Award for Scholastic Building Unknown Romanian Medal 15 yr Military Service Medal Defenders of Independence Medal
Medal of Soldier's Valour, 1st Class Medal of Soldier's Valour, 2nd Class Faithful Service Cross w/swords 1916 - 1918 Commemorative Cross Medal in Commemoration of the Collectivization of Agriculture Faithful Service with Swords, 3rd Class

Misc. Badges

WW 2 Vetran's Badge Champion in the Socialist Contest Pins Champion in the Military Contest Pin