German Medals


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Pre 1939

Army Service - 1870 Non-combatant's Honour Cross Combatant's Honour Cross Iron Cross - 1st Class Iron Cross - 2nd Class Wound Badge - Black Wurttemberg Fireman Honor Service Medal Bavarian 25 yr Service Medal Wurttemberg Wilhelm's Cross for Merit in War - Non-combatant Possible Saxony Race Medal



Iron Cross - 1st Class Iron Cross - 2nd Class Spange for the Iron Cross,2nd Class War Merit Cross w/swords War Merit Cross w/o swords War Merit Medal Sudetenland Medal West Wall Medal Wound Badge - Black Wound Badge - Silver Army 12 yr Service Medal Labour Service Award Service Award
Panzer Assualt Badge Assault Badge Mother's Cross Eastern Front Service Medal Social Welfare Medal

Post 1945

Great Federal Merit Cross
Federal Merit Cross, 1st class Federal Merit Cross, 2nd class Honor Cross, gold Mission Medal, IFOR

Post 1945 Firefighter Decorations

Bavarian Fire Badge Bavarian Firefighter 40 year Service Medal Bavarian Firefighter 25 year Service Medal Bavarian Fire Badge Baden-W├╝rttemberg Firefighter Special Service Medal Baden-Würtenburg Fire Service Medal Fire Department Honor Cross Bavaria - Landkreis Tirschenreith Firefighter Service Medal Schleswig-Holstein - Fire Fighter Merit Cross Schleswig-Holstein - 40 yr Long Service in Fire Protection Medal