Czechoslovakian Medals


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Merit Medal, Bronze Medal for Merit in the Defense of the Homeland Medal for Service for the Homeland Decoration for Service in Building of Socialism 25th Anniv. of Victory of the Working People Czech War Cross - 1918 20 yrs of Slovak National Uprising
Firefighter's Special Section Medal Meritorious Fighters against Fascism Brno Shooting Tournament, Gold Brno Shooting Tournament, Silver Exemplary Worker of the Educational System Ministry Czech War Cross - 1939 30th Anniversary of WW II Liberation
40th Anniversary of Liberation Medal Meritorious Competition Voluntary Work Medal 20 yr Anniversary of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic Firefighter Merit Medal Firefighter Exemplary Worker Medal Firefighter Outstanding Merit Medal
Association of Fireghters of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia 30 year Fidelity Medal Federal Ministry of Metallurgy Engineering and Electrical Engineering Exemplary Worker Firefighter Faithful Service Medal, 2nd Class

Misc. Badges

Excellent Firefigher Badge