Chinese Medals


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China Armed Police Excellent Soldier Merit Medal Friendship of Nations PLA Tianamin Square Participation Medal Merit Medal, Jilin Province Tibet Occupation Commemorative Medal Meritorious Service to the People Commemorative Medal 1st Rally of the Model Hero People’s Militia Commemorative Medal Yunan Military Governor General Tsai Er's pro-Republican Revolution Medal People's Republic of China Medal of the Army North-East People Enlisted in the Army Revolutionary Competition 1st Class Superior Award Cultural Revolution Award
Resist U.S. Aggression, Aid Korea North-East China Liberation 3rd Class Red Star Medal Jiangan Jing-Han Railway Worker's Union Member's Badge Award of Resist U.S. Aggression Aid Korea Merit Medal Korean War Medal to Railway Workers Great Korean Motherland Liberation Medal North-East Democratic Allied Force Zhude Award East River Rebellion Medal People's Arms Exhibition Meeting 1st Class Award North-East Democratic Allied Force Mao Zetung Award Liberation of North-West China Victory Medal
Red Army No. 3 Group Army Expedition Badge Huai Sea Battle Medal River Crossing Victory Medal China / North Korea Friendship Between Nations Badge Special Class Hero Model Award Jilin Military Region Model Award Korean Peace Medal Taiyuan Liberation Medal Huabei Liberation Medal Zhu De Award Merit Award for 168th Division of the People's Liberation Army Teaching and Admin Staff at Kangda (Chinese People's Anti-Japanese Military and Political College)
Heroric Award by North East Democratic Army (Jilin military region) 2nd Class Merit from Eastern China Military Region (Support Division) Anti-US in support of Korea Commemorative Badge for the 1st Communist Party Congress Chinese People's Volunteer Army Commemorative Badge Identification Badge for Chinese People visiting Korea 1st Class Merit in the Third Army Subdivision Award Mao ZE DONG Medal, First class Resist US Aggression, Aide Korea Liberation of Tai Yuan Resist US Aggression, Aide Korea - Beijing medical personnel North East China Railway
Liberation of North East China The PLA 4th Field Army Korean War Medal for Army Labourers Song Hu Battle (ShangHai) Participant's Medal Communist Chinese 8th Army Wound Medal Hebei Military District Hero Medal Naval Combat Unit Award 4th Party Representative Committee of the Navy Pin Chinese Communist Army 4th Platoon Commemorative Medal Nationalist Army Training Badge 6197th Platoon Rally Badge (1969) Communist Army Propaganda Office 1925 Hong Kong Workers Strike Commemorative Medal
Communist Army Crossing the Yantze River Commemorative Badge Santong Province Commemorative Medal 1947 Communist Army 8th Platoon, 2nd degree Hunan Province Cadre School of Administration Course Completion Badge 1st Army Group Officer Training Award One Year Commemorative Medal for the 3.7 Instructions Distinguished service medal, awarded by the Jing, Lu, Yu(3 provinces)3rd District Cha Ha Er Provincial Government Award Weekend School - Guang Dong Provincial Public Education Museum Xin Jin Region's People Supporting Rally for Supporting the War of Resistance Provincial Level Commemorative Medal for the Korea War Volunteers

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